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USA ubezpieczenie odpowiedzialności cywilnej oc urazowe uszkodzenie umiejętność pracy w zespole ubranie robocze autor Henryk Jan Dominiak


USA – Cultural Heritage.




USA RYS119 – Queen, Wojtek Łuka 2015

USA RYS119 – Queen, Wojtek Łuka 2015


Cultural Heritage

Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak in Tychy collects, archives and displays the works of professional artists from all over the world. The exhibition includes collections of works of art, as well as historical collections of objects. The museum collection comprises of:

1. Painting, drawing and graphics.

2. Sculpture and ceramics.

3. Phaleristics, vexillology, heraldry, symbolism and emblems.

4. Melee weapons.

The founder and the director of the Museum, Henryk Jan Dominiak in Tychy, intended to create a unique place which educates and inspires all visitors by presenting art, history and science to the society in the modern and attractive manner.
The Museum enables people to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.

Category: Cultural Heritage.

Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak in Tychy.

In recent years, a large number of new captivating museums have been opened in Europe. One of them is Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak. The Museum was founded in 2013 in Tychy by entrepreneur and artist Henryk Jan Dominiak. This contemporary European institution was quickly recognised as an important part of the town by the local society. The Museum introduces the public to a fascinating world of a miniature collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and historical objects and provides a stimulating public space in which people can come together and be inspired. The Museum shapes the community identity and bring different community groups together. The primary role of the Museum is to be a source of education, whether it be through showcasing collections of cultural products such as pieces of art, or telling the story of something, such as an historical event.Grazyna Dominiak, the wife of the founder of the Museum, is also very involved in the development of the Institution. She assists in planning and implementing activities and events held during permanent and temporary exhibitions.


In consultation with the Legislative Department of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage the following departments were established in the Museum:

1. Department of Painting, Drawing and Graphics.

2. Department of Sculpture and Ceramics Division.

3. Department of Phaleristics and Vexillology, Heraldry, Symbolism and Emblematics.

4. Department of White Arm.


Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak in Tychy is one of the youngest and smallest museums in the world. The permanent exhibition gallery comprises of two rooms (the Granite Room and the Glass Hall Room) with a total area of 21.9 m². The walls of the rooms are covered with large sheets of mirrors without frames in order to optically enlarge the space and emphasise the contemporary appearance.

At the entrance of the Museum, the visitors will find the Paradise Park and the famous Ruby Sundial, calculated by the Oxford physicist Dr Lucjan Pajdzik.



street Żwakowska 8/66.

43-100 Tychy.

Commune: Tychy.

Tourist region: Upper Silesian Agglomeration.

Location: in the city/town, in the city/town centre.

Contact data.

Phone: 32/2181524



General Information.

Facility type: museums.

Prices & amenities.

Tickets: Price list on the website.

Amenities: car park.


Availability: whole year.


street Żwakowska 8/66:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00 am -18.00 pm

Comments: For organized groups – After prior arrangement by telephone.


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USA / RZE28 – DANCE Gérné Mezősi Aranka / 2013

USA / RZE28 – DANCE Gérné Mezősi Aranka / 2013


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